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MEC Shooting Sports makes it possible for us to throw very impressive clay targets for training at game camps to simulate the flight of the species targeted that day.  This includes fast flushing quail to very high flying migrating geese.  Simulated duck are fun to watch as they appear to be out of range until they curve as if coming into the decoys.  Great target presentations help our students become fast learners.  You made it possible.  Thank you, MEC!


Hunting and Shooting Sports Heritage Foundation the core support group of shooting sports in America.  It is part of the National Shooting Sports Foundation and supported by every part of the shooting sports industry.  It is the Heritage Foundation and NSSF who will carry us through the challenges that will face us.



The National Rifle Association and the local Friends of NRA have provided support which allows us to reach other groups wanting to learn the basics of safe responsible shotgun shooting.  This especially includes Scout groups seeking the Scout merit badge for shotgun and church youth outdoor groups wanting to provide a well-rounded outdoor education.

rsscssfSCTP (Scholastic Clay Target Program) and the governing body, SSSF (Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation), have a national shooting program for students in every state.  They have evolved a platform acceptable to state authorities and nonprofit groups such as AOS.  This is the program we have in Arizona administered by AZGFD.


Arizona Game and Fish Department has some truly amazing dedicated people in their shooting sports, hunting, and hunter education sections.  These professionals are tasked with working with volunteers for a nonprofit organization.  The guidance and encouragement we receive from these gifted professionals has enabled us to reach beyond original goals to find more and better ways of introducing our families to the outdoors.


Midway Foundation has directly and indirectly helped us build a foundation to perpetuate our activities for future generations.  The original sources for funding of our outdoor activity have reformed or changed making the future uncertain.  Thanks to Midway, we can survive.  We are trying to grow the endowment to continue at our current size independent of other sources for funding.  The Potterfield family, founders of Midway, have our eternal gratitude.


The Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club (RSSC) manages the shooting range where we have conducted our clay target practices for the past 7 years.  They have doubled and redoubled the size of the range to accommodate growing numbers of families wanting to share in the sport with their offspring.  The current range manager was himself a volunteer at the range and in SCTP when moved to RSSC.

His volunteer status soon expanded to a full time managerial position.  His understanding of the needs of these new youthful shooters contributed to the rapid growth.  Today, RSSC Clay Target Center is a model range in safety, cleanliness, and making the best possible use of every square foot of shooting space to provide a variety of targets for our students, athletes, and their famili

usa_shootingUSA Shooting conducts the US Olympic competition in all forms of shooting.  USA Shooting conducts a series of seminars at Olympic Village for coaches wishing to become certified as a USA Shooting coach or as an Olympic coach.  USA Shooting organizes the qualification steps for an aspiring shooters to rise to Olympic shooting competition levels and actually compete on the Olympic range in Colorado Springs.  We have had athletes invited there every year for the last 6 years.

wildlife_for_tomorrowWildlife for Tomorrow is another non profit group willing to help the cause of getting this generation into the outdoors with a maximum of training including our outdoor heritage and traditions.  Their knowledge of handling non-profit funds at the state level has allowed AZGFD to effectively administrate the program.

AZSFWC_Logo_merge_rArizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation has been a source of support for our activities and funding for several game camps.  This very committed non-profit group spends enormous energy in two areas.  First is in maintaining contact with our elected representatives and AZGFD management.  AZSFWC members are informed of governmental actions being taken or considered in time for us to voice an opinion that is heard.  Second is to provide funding necessary to conduct outdoor conservation related activities.  A major source of this funding is sale of the Arizona Conserving Wildlife license plate you see on our cover page.

Az_Cattleman_AssociationThe Arizona Cattleman’s Association is seldom given credit for the huge amount of help they provide in maintaining Arizona’s wildlife population.  Arizona cattle ranches are 90 percent owned by families raising cattle as a multi generation family livelihood.  As needs of cattle on the range are satisfied by the ranches, needs of wildlife are also filled.  Ranchers spend huge amounts of money on water for their cattle.  Wells are drilled when necessary.   Digging and maintaining earthen impoundments with clay linings to hold water provides the necessary water for their cattle on the range.  These tanks also provide the water for all the big game in the area as well as small game, even ducks.  Habitat maintained for cattle will also feed wildlife.  Ranchers and hunters have coexisted for years when mutual respect is maintained.





The Goal of The Goal of the SCI Chapter is to promote and contribute to Arizona wildlife conservation efforts, to provide outdoor experiences for youth.





Hunting Works for Arizona exists to promote the strong economic partnership between the hunting and shooting communities and the local economy of Arizona.



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