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Game camp success comes easier when the event is co-sponsored and partnered with by really good outdoor groups.

Partnerships add variety, science, and opportunity to game camps.   How they work so successfully is simply a combining of resources and talents from similar outdoor groups to produce exciting results for the participants.

Here is an example written about in a Thanksgiving 2015 newsletter from Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation.  Be sure to check out the link below to the AZGFD film on YouTube of the event.

The Robbins Butte Youth Dove Hunt was conducted on Saturday, September 5, 2015. 70 youth and their parent or guardian showed up at AZGFD Robbins Butte Wildlife Area at 5:00 a.m. for a safety talk and briefing on who was sponsoring the event and how the day would go.  AZSFWC provided a $1,000 grant for this event, funded by sales of the Conserving Wildlife License Plate.

Mentors from Youth Outdoors Unlimited, AZ State Chapter of NWTF, AZGFD, and Arizona Outdoor Sports assisted the young hunters giving them recommendations for improving their shooting and safe firearms handling, hands on instruction for cleaning their birds, and demonstration/instruction on how to cook their birds. AZGFD and AOS provided loaner shotguns for those who didn’t have their own or didn’t have one that fit them.  While there was a high percentage of participants that had never hunted dove before, everyone went home with birds.

AZ Game & Fish Department filmed the event.  It can be viewed on YouTube here:

Our outdoor activities are made stronger with affiliations to national outdoor oriented organization with professionals dedicating their lives to the cause of wildlife conservation.  The Wilderness Society and Tread Lightly are two such organizations.  We continue to learn from groups like this and share willingly with them at AZGFD functions.  Agreement on every environmental and conservation issue is not needed as shared beliefs worthy of mutual support predominate.

Working with groups like this serves to expand our horizons and helps our member families better understand and respect views of other knowledgeable outdoor groups.