Registration – a Three Step Process (Please use Chrome)

Parents, This will be a simplified three part registration:

Step 1:

The first part involves on-line filling out, signing, and printing the registration forms.  In filling out the forms, type your name on the signature line to signify agreement.  When completed, print two copies, one for your reference and one to bring to registration or first practice to turn into the Lead or Head Coach.  Click FORM to start.  When done,  print the forms.  Here is the form aos_consent_waiver_form.  Here are directions to the range AOS_SCTP_2018.

Step 2:  The second part is simply filling out a similar information sheet for AOS team and AZGFD records.  The form is below.  When complete, push the SEND button.

Step 3: Complete electronic payment (after clicking the registration “send” button) of $150.  Thanks to a lot of help from AZGFD and Wildlife for Tomorrow, that includes all regular practice ammo, targets, range fees, certified coaching, and use of modern shotguns for the season.  If you need to make a partial payment now and the rest later, you may.   Email Head Coach Slaughter about your payment plan.  We want your sons and daughters to participate. 

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    After hitting “send” on the registration form, please complete the online payment below.  

    Other payment options can be arranged if needed, but it is very important to hit “send” on the online registration form above. By hitting “send” we receive your contact information.

    Please enter the athlete’s first and last name under the notes section of the online payment.


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