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Youth duck, goose, dove, and pheasant hunt programs are available!

AOS works with the Arizona Game and Fish Dept and the US Fish and Wildlife Service to provide safe outdoor experiences for young hunters learning how to safely and effectively use shotguns for hunting.

Arizona Outdoor Sports has two functions in these activities.  One is to teach the safe and effective use of hunting firearms.  For this purpose, we will set up ranges in remote locations near the hunting areas and provide instruction to students about to go on their first hunt.  Providing the necessary education is a real pleasure.  The students give 100% attention and almost automatically acquire the respect and responsibility necessary to safely handle a shotgun in a hunting situation.  Their success in the hunt is such that we often have parents inquiring about lessons after seeing their offspring’s successful harvest.

The second function for AOS is for the coaches of the Arizona Dust Devils SCTP Team to keep their students informed of upcoming hunt opportunities and plan practices to improve their skill levels for that type of hunting.  When the Game and Fish Dept or other group invites AOS to participate in a hunt by providing instruction, we like to bring some of our students along to assist with the new shooter instruction.  Many of these students then are able to participate in the hunt.

The safety record and hunter success attests to the value of our participation in these programs.


Will_CraneShotgunning was not much to this young man before becoming a strong side shooting athlete with Arizona Outdoor Sports.  These Sandhill cranes arrived just in time to be guests of honor at a hunter’s 2015 Thanksgiving dinner.

If eye dominance is a problem, ask us.  We know how to fix it as these Sandhill cranes will testify.