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Range Development

Shooting in the desert may be an Arizona tradition but safety and environmental issues, as well as population, are making unconfined shooting areas a thing of the past.  AOS members support existing ranges and will continue to work with local and national agencies to promote and develop additional environmentally friendly facilities for the safe and responsible use of firearms. We shoot at the ranges below multiple times a year:

-Rio Salado Sportsman Club

-Ben Avery Shooting Facility

-High Desert Hunt Club at Chauncey Ranch

-Tucson Trap and Skeet Club

-CATS Arizona City SCTP Range

We are on the Rio Salado Range multiple times every week.  If you would like more information on any of them shoot us an email.

The Central Arizona area is in serious need of more shooting facility.  Lack of facilities is contributing to increased wildcat shooting and more conflict between remote area residents and sportsmen.  We are ready and willing to help anyone with access to a potential range location or funds to further develop an existing range.  An email would be so very welcome.

Coach Kresta Faaborg is currently leading an AOS project to help smaller rural ranges with a clean up project or two with a goal to provide some extra shooting time for our students and for these students to gain the satisfaction of contributing some community service time.  Come join us with a brush clipper and some gloves.