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MaliaPerez Kim Rhode

Junior Olympics / USA Shooting Sports

AOS has been honored to have several qualifying Dust Devils Team
members receive invitations to the National Selection Matches for Junior Olympic competition at Fort Carson, Colorado.  This has occurred for two consecutive years.  The invitation from the Junior Olympic committee to participate in this national match looks very good on future college and employment applications.

July, 2010, will be the third year Arizona Outdoor Sports has sent athletes to the  Junior Olympic National Selection Match from their Dust Devils SCTP Team. Congratulations to SCTP athletes Jay Hanaoka, Jay Chapa, and Josh Vernon.

Plans were discussed at this month’s coaches meeting to recruit and train more students this year in an attempt to qualify for a fourth year of National competition in international trap.

A tour of Olympic Village and the opportunity to compete on the national Olympic range at Fort Carson is an awesome experience for a young student just reaching competition level with shotgun in international trap or skeet.

For all interest inquires or for general information, contact us by clicking the email us tab.



Olympic dreams do come true. Both girls in this picture had an Olympic dream. It came true. Both have now worn the Olympic gold!

Our Malia Perez stands proudly with 5 times Olympic Champion Kim Rhode displaying her most impressive collection of Olympic gold. Inspiration like this will add more determination and confidence as Malia enjoys her shooting activities for many years to come.

Congratulation, Malia, on your new friend and shooting sports booster. Wishing you the best for continued success.

To Olympic Champion Kim Rhode, once again you have earned our gratitude. Thank you for your Phoenix appearance and the so very special treatment awarded by you to our very special athlete, Malia Perez.



And here are three additional women athletes really did well at the Arizona Junior Olympic State Championship.  The third girl in the middle is actually a Mom standing in for Michele, her daughter, for a few minutes.  She feels as good about about the JO medals as her daughter.


Additionally, here is a link to an outstanding article that features our very own Will Pike.  This talks about Will’s experience in the 2016 Junior Olympics.