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Arizona Outdoor Sports, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit AZ corp

2016-2017 Arizona Outdoor Sports shooting season officially opens in late September with an enrollment for students from approximately age 10 to college age full time students 24 and under.  Students will be registered in the Scholastic Clay Target Program, an ideal group for those with an interest in becoming safe skilled shooting athletes and/or safe competent recreational shooters.  Year around activities are available.

AOS shooting athletes in the SCTP have chosen the team squad name of AOS Dust Devils.  AOS competitors have carried this team squad name to state and national championship events for SCTP and Junior Olympic at Olympic Village for over a decade,

AOS shotgun shooting elements includes recreational shooting, competition, and hunting.  Many of our shooters, perhaps most, participate to some extent in two or more areas.  This allows us to have activities on a year around basis for our members.  Recreational shooting is open all year to all ages in many areas of our state.  As interests change, we encourage our member families and athletes to learn more about shooting sports activities and outdoor opportunities.

Educational aspects are part of all three areas.  The Arizona Game and Fish Dept. administrates, sponsors, or partners with us in many activities.  This includes our AZ Hunter Education Instructor group; AZGFD sponsored game camps for turkey, dove, squirrel, duck, and quail; Junior Olympic and SCTP scholarships; and AZGFD volunteer shotgun coach training.  Our number one activity, SCTP, begins with Scholastic.

Fun is an essential aspect of our activity.  This applies not just to the students, but also the parents and even the coaches.  Sometimes, it feels like we have the most fun of all.

Safety goes hand in hand with fun.  We do not want anything to spoil all the fun we are having.  Respect and responsibility are keys to safe shooting and become part of our shooter’s personality by season’s end.

Costs are amazingly low thanks to continuous support from AZGFD, Midway Foundation, Friends of NRA, Johnsonville Bratwurst support of a brat booth at the annual AZGFD EXPO, and many parents who found ways to enable our program to grow and expand.  This wonderful level of support makes it possible for AOS for furnish use of modern shotguns and provide ammo plus targets for scheduled SCTP twice monthly practices, all at no cost to the athlete or family!  Basic safety gear such as safety glasses and ear plugs are also provided.  AOS annual enrollment fees total $125 including national SCTP/SSSF membership fees.

SCTP and/or youth discounts will often apply for our members opting to do some extra shooting on their own or with friends and family.  Our students are at an age where growth means that what fits this year may be outgrown next year.  For this reason, we do not encourage our athletes to buy guns when starting our program.  We have a variety of guns available for use by our athletes in different sizes and gauges to satisfy changing interests, sizes, and needs.

When a young person first develops an interest in learning how to shoot, it is unlikely they would be comfortable waiting a year to start learning.  The impatience of youth is something we understand and work with at every practice and team function.  If you are a parent in this situation, call or email us now.  When kids really get interested in something, they will find out about it with, or without, our help and guidance.

Our AOS web calendar is a great source for the most up-to-date information on how and when to apply for AOS/SCTP season registration.  Check weekend entries for October and November or contact us by email.

Check out our calendar and web site:

Here are some numbers to give you a better feel for our group:

  • We currently have 79 active athletes and their families.
  • Our active email roster of all members, past and present, plus supporters is over 400.
  • We are a tax exempt 501(c)3 all-volunteer AZ corporation.
  • 20 AOS members have become active AZGFD certified youth shotgun coaches for our group.
  • We have 8 AZGFD certified Hunter Ed volunteer instructors in our group
  • Two or more AOS functions every month are open to all members.
  • We have about 50% of our athletes participate in SCTP state championship events.
  • 10 AOS athletes will be competing in Junior Olympic National Competition in Colorado.
  • Some of these JO athletes and more will go to Olympic Village for the international events.
  • Most of our shooting activity takes place on the Rio Salado Shooting Range.
  • Monday evening at RSSC is the time for our twice a month basic SCTP practices.

Since you have gone this far with us, you would be very welcome to add your name to our member email list.  That list is our contact for all the kids and parents in our program.  Understandably, it is not shared with anyone.  The only mail you would receive would be team issued updates and information bulletins on athlete, coach, and parent activities.

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