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Within this circle, we are talking about safety, respect, and responsibility in a group who have fought so very hard for all of us to be safe, earn respect, and have the freedom to take responsibility.  It has been an honor for me to participate in the fine tuning of the shotgun skills of these vets and participate with them annually in a really great successful pheasant hunt.

Michele with Olympic Medals and Kim Rhodie

Some of our JO team and parents

This Queen Creek 4H Team enjoyed an outing on the RSSC range with some AOS Coaches. Third from the left not just one of the shooters. She is the 4H Leader, Trudy Talavera. We all had fun. This group is always welcome to shoot with our Arizona Outdoor Sports, Inc. athletes.

AOS athletes case their shotguns and mount trail bikes to explore desert tanks that might be holding ducks.

AOS shooting athlete Kevin was one of the lucky hunters that found the ducks were waiting.

The Olympic Range calls Junior Olympic shooters to National Competition on July 20th for the 2015 Championship.  We will be ready with the Arizona Outdoor Sports, Inc. sponsored Dust Devils Team athletes nearing their top form.  Athlete Sam W is an example.  Tonight, he broke his first 25 straight for a perfect round of International targets.  A few more like that in Colorado Springs could win a trip to the podium for Olympic medals.  In practice or competition, a first timer’s hat gets marked forever to immortalize the perfect round.  Sam’s teammates did well in marking the hat as the picture illustrates.  Congratulations, Sam!

Question for curious readers: Does anyone know how Sam managed to shoot the perfect round of 25 hits?    Answer: Let someone else do the counting and you just focus on one target to break it into a thousand pieces.  Then do it again, and again and again.  When they take your hat, you have completed a perfect round.  Welcome to our team and Sam’s inner circle of excellent shooting athletes.

Welcome back.
When our athletes move up, we continue cheering for them to come back as coaches.

Proud Dad, Arizona Outdoor Sports Scott Pike, beams after his son, AOS Athlete Will, broke every one of 100 straight targets in the ATA state championship for March, 2018.

AOS athletes accept invitation to train with ​SCTP National Team