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Outdoors  –  with Shooting and Hunting

Respect and Responsibility become part of youthful thought processes as they are introduced to the outdoors and to shooting activities by Arizona Outdoor Sports coaches.  The students and athletes quickly realize they have been entrusted with the care and given ownership of our wildlife and national lands, a thought both uplifting and empowering for young USA citizens.    President Theodore Roosevelt really knew what he was doing when he created our national parks and forests to conserve these resources.  He then gave ownership, not to the government, but to the citizens as conservators for future generations.  It worked.  Ducks, geese, elk, deer, and other species exist today in greater numbers than 100 years ago.  Citizen use and enjoyment of these public lands has never been higher.

Outdoor activities abound with opportunity and variety.  Game camps and habitat cleanups are examples.  Conservation is a rewarding activity for our members who simply feel good about enjoying the outdoors and then leaving it just a bit better than they found it.  Hunting is a valuable tool for biologists in managing wildlife populations.  It also gives our members first hand knowledge of what humans have done to exist for thousands of years.  Hunter Education is part of our program to equip our members with the necessary skills to enjoy hunting for very healthy natural food or in carrying on family tradition.

Athletic competition is a goal of most people, young and old.  The Olympic dream is a vision most of us experience in our youth.  For a very few, it comes true.  Shooting is one of the Olympic sports that does not demand the ultimate in physical conditioning.  The Olympic sport of shooting lasts a lifetime.  Athletes do not age out of enjoying and participation in the sport.  Invitations arrived in May, 2015, for 10 of our athletes to travel to Olympic Village and take part in Olympic annual championship competition.  This is a life changing, never to be forgotten, empowering experience.

Clay target ranges have an almost equal mix of age groups and skill levels.  More and more women have joined other family members to enjoy the sport.  Current USA Olympic gold medal winner and team booster, Kim Rhode, has won Olympic medals in every Olympics since 1996.

Respect and Responsibility are key character ingredients of AOS shooters, athletes, coaches, and members.  We respect our heritage that has given us the right to have and use guns.  We accept the responsibility for those guns and take personal responsibility for safety.  Our students are aware of the level of trust their parents and coaches have for them.  This trust is not misplaced.  Our excellent safety record and personal conduct over the past decade speaks for itself.