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Outdoors – With Education

Partnering with the Arizona Game and Fish Department in game camps, shooting camps, habitat cleanups and other outdoor activities provides a real life hands on educational opportunity to our members.  Is there a better way to learn geology than to be outside walking on the land and biology by looking about at the life that has existed, ever changing, for hundreds of thousands of years?

Scholarship Clay Target Program is the name of our most popular outdoor program.  It is a national program administered by the AZGFD and open to our students and athletes from the 5 grade through 4 years of college.  Both of Arizona’s two major universities have active SCTP program.  As our athletes develop a greater sense of responsibility, grades seem to improve.

Learning shotgun shooting skills may lead to becoming an avid hunter, a serious competitor with trap or other national clay target groups, following an Olympic dream of becoming an Olympic shooting athlete, or launching a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment that can be passed on to future generations.   Passing on the knowledge of the sport is very satisfying but having the ability to participate with them is so very special.  Ask any Grandpa or Grandma who has taken their grandchildren hunting or shooting.

State of Arizona professionals in biologist, botanists, wildlife management experts, geologists, and ecologists are to be found at many of these camps eager to share their knowledge.  Mixed in are law enforcement professionals helping our new hunters learn the laws regarding wildlife and the use of outdoor lands.

AZGFD Certified AOS Coaches with many years of experience, impressive credentials, and DPS issued level 1 background ID cards have helped hundreds of new youthful shooters reach their goals each year.  We are beginning 2016 with about 23 active certified coaches.  In the last dozen years, a new source of coaches has developed.  Some of our former students continued their shooting educations and have become coaches themselves.

Education provided to the athletes and students by our coaches and instructors is well rounded in that we endeavor to teach with whole family, especially with parents and grandparents taking part.   Our goal is for the new skills to become a family benefit to be shared for generations.