Interview with Tom Slaughter about AOS2016-11-25T20:08:27-07:00

The below questions are from a quick interview with Tom Slaughter, the AOS president on Nov 18, 2015. These questions give a feel as to what AOS is all about!

Question: what is your club about Tom? 

Response: Using shooting sports and the outdoors as bait to build personally responsible citizens with feelings of empowerment and self confidence while respecting each other..

Question: what’s the club’s charter or mission?

Response: To make safe responsible shooting and the outdoors an integral part of life for our member families and for our students’ children.  In a lorger sense, to create a force for the good with our athletes and with their families

Question: what do you hope to accomplish?

Response: Create a lifetime of shooting sports enjoyment  for our members with a personal responsibility for safety and feeling of ownership of the outdoors.

Question: what are you most proud of? 

Response: Safety record, steady growth of coaching membership, endowment growth to sustain AOS with shooting sports education when state money dries up.

Question: what would you tell me that I didn’t ask you?

Response: It would be a question, Steve.  How do you see this club in the future and what do you see as your part?