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Near the close of Junior Olympic National Shotgun Championship, Arizona Dust Devils Team athlete, Mason McCurley, completes another round.  He was trying to look nonchalant but it was tough.  Earlier that day, in this top level competition, he shot his personal best round ever.
In national competition, coaches are not allowed on shooting fields to encourage or instruct their students.  For many teams, that is an obstacle.  Mason and his teammates turned that into an advantage.  They met with their coaches several months ago and agreed to support and encourage each other on the shooting fields.  These athletes began doing just that and won the state competition.  The value of team spirit and cooperation was proven.  The goal became to help and encourage each other.  They responded with more of the same.  High 5s and fist pumps to congratulate each other worked like magic.  When the event ended and the scores totaled, it became apparent that, amazingly, every Dust Devil had shot a personal high score in a round of National Championship competition.  One on those rounds was a perfect round; 25 straight international trap targets were broken.  None escaped.
In total, the team performance was awesome.  This great performance was done by individuals trying to help each other become better.  It sure worked!

USA Park Mason

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Arizona Outdoor Sports members and Arizona Dust Devils Team


News and pictures from the Fort Carson Olympic Range

Results are in and they are good!

Zach is now ranked 60th of all Junior Olympic shotgun shooters at National Finals for international trap and 52nd in his class.

Chase had just finished 26th of all shooters in his J-2 (intermediate) division.

Michael and Mason both finished in the very distinguished top half of top Junior Olympic shooters from all over the country gathered to compete in the National Championship.

We are proud to claim these four athletes as members of the Arizona Dust Devils Team.





The picture below portrays a lot about Olympic activity.



Earlier, these four shooters had been in fierce competition to finish as high as possible in the national ranking.  During the event, they never lost sight of being teammates. Exchange of information and encouragement never stopped.

One of the Dust Devils Team shooters, Chase Owens, shot a perfect round of 25X25. His teammates obtained official permission to conduct a perfect score hat signing ceremony wherein the hat is tossed high in the air on the shooting range and his teammates get to shot at it.

Teammates Mason McCurley, Michael Ciero and Zach McGaughey eagerly lined up with Chase as a few spectators gathered.

Another independent Arizona shooter, Tayler, heard about the ceremony and asked to participate.  Our shooters were pleased to welcome her on the shooting line with them. Moments later, the hat was launched and a trophy was created of a rare Olympic achievement. Look carefully around the hat, impressive Olympic level accuracy.  Also, some new friendships may have been made and that is another part of life at the Olympics.

Thank you, Tayler, for joining in and sharing a bit of the Olympic spirit with us.  You will always be welcome.



C la y  B re a k i n g   news from Junior Olympic National Shotgun Championship in beautiful Colorado Springs where Arizona Outdoor Sports USA Shooting Club is sponsoring the Arizona Dust Devils SCTP Team.


                        Received from on scene correspondents/coaches, Owens, Ciero, McCurley, and Hanson.

Their amazing story follows.


The Colorado Rockies tell the story.  It is easy to understand why the USA Olympic Committee chose this location forty years ago to be a key factor in the USA Olympic movement and  the multi sport Olympic Training Center.


Scenery can be distracting but our dedicated shooters keep their eyes focused where the fast flying Olympic targets will appear.  The shotguns are quickly and smoothly swung to the target and a shot is launched to break the target.  Wind and rain came but did not interrupt the competition.   Shooting continued.  Then lightning arrived and safety rules remind us that it is not good to stand in the open with a steel rod when lightning is in the area.  Shooting stopped.  More of the same is possible for the remaining rounds.

Midway through the competition, here are some scores and an overview on standing:

Hundreds of competitors from all over the USA have travelled here to compete with the finest Junior Olympic American athletes in various international clay target divisions.  All of our athletes are enrolled in Olympic Trap.  Olympic Trap is broken down into three age groups with the seniors (J-1) and intermediates (J-2) having the most competitors.  Then, each group is divided into a Men’s section and a Woman’s section.

The first 75 targets are now recorded forever in the Olympic history books for each shooter and our Arizona Outdoor Sports USA shooting Club.

Our team athletes posted 54X75,  57X75,  another 57X75  and the final best score of 61X75.

Each of our four athletes are now ranked in the top 87 or better of all America Junior Olympic Shotgun shooters in Olympic trap of all ages, skill levels, experience, and gender.  These four competitors can hold their heads high during the coming season.

This is the half way point of a very exciting competition.  Standing will change and the so very valuable experiences will grow.

But it gets better.  Each of our shooters finished even better when ranked with other shooters in their division.  We will endeavor to get those numbers to you by tomorrow evening.

Scores are tabulated by round of 25.  This is the gold standard of Olympic competitions.  In today’s competition, all shooters were trying hard to post all rounds of 25 hits with a score of 75X75.  That seldom happens and did not happen today but the high shooter in today’s competition did post 2 of those perfect round scores.

Most shooters never post a perfect round in Junior Olympic competition.  To do so is to set a personal high mark that will outlast the shooter and the first half dozen grandkids.  This happened to one of our Dust Devils Team members in his first round of Olympic competition.  Equally wonderful is that both his parents were on the range to witness this achievement.  The perfect score with two other acceptable rounds gives Chase Owens a current standing in 20th place among male J-2 shooters for Olympic Trap.

Coach Tim and Laurie Owens have the right to be very proud of themselves and their son for his perfect round in Olympic competition.  Every Dust Devil coach that had a hand in getting Dust Devils Teammate Chase Owens started in shooting clay targets where he began having more fun on the range than in competing school activities made it happen.

Timing is perfect.  This is the Olympic dream and commitment talked about Monday night during the discussion section of the coach/parent meeting.  This is why we need to continue the 2013-14 season planning and find ways to make our team even stronger while reaching even more students.  (Yes, I will get the meeting agenda and notes out to those of you unable to make the meeting)

Chase Owens, Zach McGaughey,  Michael Ciero, and Mason McCurley will be shooting on this or adjacent ranges during the remaining portions of the Junior Olympic National Shotgun Championships.



Looking north from the Olympic range at Fort Carson toward Olympic Village, the Air Force Academy, and Colorado Springs.




The most amazing part of all this is that the Dust Devils Team will add another squad member and come back to Olympic Village next month.  Yes, it does get better.  This time, the five of them will live in the athletes’ dorms with Olympic athletes for 5 days during the SCTP National Competition in Olympic Disciplines beginning July 23, 2013.



Head Coach Tom Slaughter

Arizona Dust Devils Team sponsored by Arizona Outdoor Sports