Cibola Hunt in 20152016-11-25T20:08:27-07:00

Cibola2015proudfatherandsonCibola 2015 was another success in every way except duck numbers.  Wildlife Manager Courtney worked closely with Coach Travis Cormier in matching AOS coaches to coverage needs in the duck blinds.  All our assignments were covered and the hunters all learned more about duck hunting.  Goose hunting was good this year as the harvest in this picture indicates.  All hunters good lots of shooting opportunity on our clay target range.  Skill levels grew as the clay birds were smashed again and again.

Someone in the cook tent must have been working overtime.  Many rave reviews about the tasty food.  Thank you, Courtney, and your crew of local volunteers that make this hunt possible.  Give us a date for 2016 and we will be there.