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Join with us in our partnership with the Arizona Game and Fish Dept as members of the Scholastic Clay Target Program.  Click here to see how a nonprofit outdoor group can help.

Welcome to the Arizona Outdoor Sports, Inc. Website

We are an all-volunteer 50l(c) non profit AZ Corp comprised of athletes, parents, coaches, students and members participating in outdoor activities several times per month. This fall, we will be help conduct several waterfowl game camps with AZGFD and visit several US Fish and Wildlife Service waterfowl facilities.  Other game camps include those specifically for small game, turkey, dove. squirrel, quail, and geese.

Hundreds of other families and individuals join us in Arizona Game and Fish Dept. sponsored activities we share in and help conduct during the year.  We actively partner with a number of other non profit outdoor organizations in these and other outdoor activities that range from habitat clean ups to travel to Olympic Village when invited to participate in Olympic shotgun competition.

Our main activity is as a founding member of the AZGFD administered Scholastic Clay Target Shooting Program.  We currently have 70 athletes from about 80 families enrolled in this program practicing twice a month at state approved ranges.  All coaches are state certified by AZGFD after DPS background verification.  Over 1000 athletes from grade 5 to college seniors are enrolled in this national program.  Optional competitions include skeet, trap, sporting clays, plus Olympic Trap and Skeet.

Conservation activities in outdoor Arizona are intended to give our enrolled students and their families an ownership interest in our beautiful state.  The simple act of spending a weekend in the outdoors and leaving it better than you found it will add feelings of respect and responsibility for the outdoors to all our members, especially the younger ones.  As our older members step up to share in the teaching of personal responsibility for the outdoors, they become even more dedicated to the cause of conservation.  Younger students and athletes are eager to learn and follow the examples.

AOS has lots of benefit for students.  SCTP is a school year program of never ending skill building in shotgun sports of all levels.  This very safe sport offers a life time of recreation, competition, hunting, and family fun.  Personal responsibility for safety becomes a way of life.  Game camps offer learning from state biologists and hunting opportunity plus more outdoor experiences.  State Wildlife Managers and Game Wardens teach about firearm  and conservation laws.  Competitions from state fun shoots to Olympic Village offer our athletes and coaches opportunities to learn from the very best.

Ask what we like best and you will get a different answer almost every time.  From enjoyment and betterment of the outdoors to shooting and hunting, we have a lot to offer.  Check us out on our volunteer organized web site to see some of what we do.  Email or call for more information.  We enjoy talking about outdoor activity.

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Supporting Arizona Wildlife

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 Scholastic Clay Target Program

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For general inquires email Tom Slaughter (AOS President) at tom@arizonaoutdoorsports.com.  Here is an addition link with an interview with Tom talking about the AOS program.