Scholastic Clay Target ProgramArizona Dust Devils

This has been a primary program of AOS since it’s founding with sponsorship of the Arizona Dust Devils SCTP Team. SCTP is a national program for students starting about age 10 or 11 to age 18.  SCTP in Arizona is part of the  Arizona Game and Fish Department shooting sports programs.  The youth shotgun activity begins in October and continues to April with monthly practices in clay target shooting.  State and National competition is available for dedicated skilled shooters wanting to win scholarships.  Youthful new shooters quickly focus on aspects of respect and responsibility that are so much a part of safe shooting.  This creates a rewarding experience for AOS coaches and instructors as they watch these students develop into good solid citizens.

Fun is an essential aspect of our activity.  This applies not just to the students, but also the parents and even the coaches.  Sometimes, it feels like we have the most fun of all.

Safety goes hand in hand with fun.  We do not want anything to spoil all the fun we are having.  Respect and responsibility are keys to safe shooting and become part of our shooter’s personality by season’s end.

The team usually fills to capacity near the start of the season.  Practices are typically twice per month for 6 months, usually on the Rio Salado Range.  We try to maintain a coach / student ratio of 1 to 4 or better.  Other funding from the Heritage Fund and Game and Fish Department provides targets, guns, and ammunition.  Funding  is not guaranteed for future seasons.  Each year stands on its own.

A meeting held with head coaches of Arizona SCTP teams and the AZ Game and Fish Dept. Shooting Coordinator established the basic parameters of the 2014-15 season for AZ SCTP.  If you have a school age son or daughter with acceptable grades and an interest in shooting, we would be pleased to hear from you.  If you are interested in helping the team or in coaching, please call.  We will be conducting a coach training session this fall or early winter.

Early registration is encouraged.  If we are full or if you live in another part of the state, we will help you make contact with another team. Contact

Forms for Registration: 

Forms – Click Here

Where and When to Register:

Registration Day Program Times and Directions – Click Here

September 26, 2015 8:30 am to 1:00 pm (gates open at 8:00 am)

C.A.T.S.SCTP Range in Arizona City, click link below for map/directions.

Map to C.A.T.S. SCTP Range in Arizona City


SCTP State Event Dates and Registration Deadlines

We register for these events as a TEAM.  See your coach for registration forms and deadlines for form and payment.

Ben Avery Fun Shoot                            TBD

Tucson TSC Fun Shoot                         TBD

Sporting Clays Commissions Cup       TBD

Trap/Skeet Commissioners Cup         TBD


If you plan to participate in any of the Commissioner’s Cups Events, you will need to also register with the National Governing Board associated with that discipline.  NSCA/NSSA offer a 1st year complimentary limited membership, please see Stacey Cormier 602-793-8591 if you wish to obtain this membership, upon event registration or before;

NSCA/NSSA (Sporting Clays/Skeet)

ATA (Trap)                                  

Specific Rules